Minral Watr Bottr are 3 words that Selim, my boyfriend (also the developer of this website) picked on his last trip to Kerala, coming all the way from Germany. He was extremely fascinated to come across the crazy dialectical English he heard throughout our trip in South India but his favorite word being – Minralwatrbottr to date!

Back story – We had walked miles around the tea gardens in Munnar and came back really thirsty for water, just to realize that there was no ‘Mineral Water Bottle’ in the room. I immediately tried to ring up the reception but the room phone was out of service and the reception was 3-storeys below. We were exhausted and still deciding if we should walk down again. Just when the doorbell rang and there it was – The epic Minral Watr Bottr. The Stewart said it as loudly as he could, doing his duty to the optimum without realizing what he had triggered in our funny selves. Selim and I cherish the memory of the Minral Watr Bottr as profoundly as we would cherish this website in the coming days, months…years! Hence, this amusing opening post as my journal entry!