Hey There!

I’m Sukoon. Without sounding boastful, I confess to being a multipotentialite. I design, create art, sing, teach, conceptualize, write poetry, do branding and also like to cook, travel and seek all that life beholds, and have practical working experience of 7 years in the fields of:

  • Communication design
  • Branding & identity design
  • Event design & production
  • Publication design
  • Packaging design
  • Social media design & management
  • Brand strategy & development
  • Creative advertisement
  • Public relations
  • Visual arts


I have had the pleasure of working on some very interesting design and production projects with many remarkable Indian brands like FDCI, Amazon India, Maybelline New York, Uber, DLF Premium Malls, April Studios, Sahiba Ltd. My motto of ‘learning new things every now and then’ has led me to adapt to a broad range of work, acquiring the due knowledge and skillset on my journey.


I am obsessed with creative thinking, detailing, clean layouts and aesthetics at work and have led design teams towards accomplishing many challenging tasks in the past. I currently work as a design consultant from my home office in India for places and people far and wide.


I am also a trained Indian classical vocalist with a background in child psychology, education and working with the social sector towards inculcating life skills through music. I have conducted various music workshops and given performances between India, U.K., The Bahamas, Belgium and Denmark. I am currently also undertaking a digital music residency by an organization in the U.S.A.

My music can be followed on my YouTube channel and Facebook page where I regularly share updates on my latest music projects, workshops and gigs.

I am always excited and motivated to work on projects involving value, integrity, passion and exchange of cultures, traditions, and knowledge catering to our ever-evolving worlds within a world.

The logo form


The logo includes the initials of my name ‘Sukoon’ in the Devnagri script of the Hindi language, my mother tongue –

क ख ग घ ड च छ ज झ ण त थ द ध 

न प फ ब भ म य र ल व श ष स ह

ज्ञ क्ष श्र ऋ अ आ इ ई उ ऊ ए ऐ ओ औ

Sukoon is a word of the Urdu language, a beautiful mix of Persian and Hindi and it means peace. The graphic symbols of the letters are developed by overlapping and combining several triangles that are a symbol of completeness & inner peace for me and are observed floating in an infinite universe of possibilities. Hence, in some versions, the letters are shown as constellations instead of solid triangles. There are 5 colored triangles that amalgamate with the type-based triangles, each one representing the essence of my being – designer, singer, artist, teacher and a diarist.

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